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Welcome to *sHoCk*
We got forums now thanks to Scorpion. Thanks alot.
Sign up for the forums, then you can get the admin info in the Shock channel
Also Eskimo Eating Penguin is going to look for a date and time for a practice or something. It isn't necessarily permanent, just something to build teamwork and keep us sharp while playing together. Email him at AggieBOUND2008@ to help him out.
*sHoCk* Members: We have a small Teamspeak channel for right now. Get Teamspeak at Ask for the server info when you get it.  Also get XFire for an easy  way to find and chat with people during a game.

Recent Events
Added Amerika and Importz
We got a server! whopee
New members: Give us your email. Shock email is

We are a bunch of new, kickass players and we are ready to own others at any map. Its all about a good time... of course, its more fun when you are owning and that's what we're about.

Feel free to take any pics

If you get a cool pic, send it to
SEND PRANKS! better than nothing....

If we don't get any, we will just put one up ourselves.

A fun mod if you have half-life one is called The Specialists. It is a really fun, matrix style action game; complete with bullet-time and a whole new arsenal of guns.. To install, go to Select a place to download it from. It is not compressed to it could take 10-30 minutes.
Note: Before you download, make sure your half-life is has a steam update on it. When installing, just install it wherever it gives you.

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